Club Rules


MEMBERSHIP  The subscription for the Senior members shall be £33.00 with no entrance fee. The subscriptions for O.A.P and Juniors will be £23.00 and a Joint 55.00, these categories also have no entrance fee.

Membership will run from February 1st to January 31st.

Membership cards (2017) will expire on 31st of January 2018 and does not entitle you to fish any club water after this date.

Rejoining subscriptions should be paid by the 31st March.

Juniors reaching the age of 16 years before the 31st March shall pay the full senior membership fee.

No Juniors to be accepted after the age of 15 years 11 months.

Lost, stolen or damaged cards can be replaced at a charge of £10.

A membership renewal form must be completed in full and posted with the appropriate fee to the Membership Secretary, on renewal.

Another member shall not under any circumstance invite any member expelled or resigned from the Society to any club waters.

No infants (under 12) are allowed to fish without a Senior member.


The monthly meetings of the members to take place at The Broken Cross Social Club, Macclesfield, Cheshire, on the first Thursday in the month. Commencing at 8pm prompt.

The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M) to be held on the first Thursday in November at 7:30pm.

Members are invited to attend all club meetings. But to have a vote at the A.G.M. they must attend at least 5 meetings throughout the year.

Proposed amendments to the rules must be notified in writing to the Secretary no later than the October meeting and will be subject to approval of a majority of those present who are eligible to vote at the A.G.M.


The name of the Society is: – The Macclesfield Waltonians Angling Society.

The Officers of the Society consists of a President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Head Bailiff, Assistant Bailiff and a Committee of up to Eight Members all to be elected each year at the A.G.M in November.

Members must carry their card, completed in accordance with the instructions on the front inside cover, when at club waters and meetings.

Non-members are not allowed on club waters.

Members must carry a current E.A. Rod Licence when fishing club waters. Any member failing to produce a current EA licence will be requested to leave the water immediately.

Members must NOT be accompanied by a non-fishing person unless in possession of a non-fishing guest ticket in their card.

Non-fishing guests must abide by all club rules. They must not handle any fishing tackle in use.

Any rule amendment published in a newsletter or website is binding and members are strongly advised to amend their membership card accordingly.

Every member bears some responsibility for the club water they are fishing. Ask the person fishing next to you for their card, but do not forget to show them yours.

Official club bailiffs are entitled to inspect your membership card and tackle on production of their bailiffs’ card. They do not have to produce a membership card when on bailiff duties, and they are also entitled to inspect your EA licence.

No poacher or person convicted of illegal trespass in pursuit of fish will be allowed to become a member of the society.

Members with any complaints should submit their grievance in writing to the secretary.

The committee shall deal with any member using his/her club ticket for the purpose of admitting a non-member to club privileges without the appropriate day ticket, or not complying with the society rules.


Wilful damage to fences, banks etc. leaving litter (which includes unused bait – left on bank) or any action that will bring disgrace upon or within the club will be dealt with, with the greatest severity. Any member caught leaving litter may be expelled.

All alcohol and barbecues are banned on all club waters.

CD/MP3 players and radios, etc. may be used in conjunction with in-ear type earphones only.


All vehicles must be parked sensibly in official parking areas only. Do not block accesses or gateways. All vehicles are parked at owners’ risk.

Members must only gain access by approved entry points. Do not climb fences or gates.

No parking on the roadside at Teggs Nose leading towards the farm or on the flash flood overflow on the same side.


All members below the age of 70 years are asked to volunteer at least one day a year to join in with a working party.

Details of all working parties will be posted in the club newsletters and on the club website.

When a working party is taking place on particular water, no fishing is allowed.

Members must not carry out any work without official approval.


No angler may use more than two rods at any one time except if they are a three rod permit holder fishing on Teggs Nose.

No member to leave their rods unattended with lines cast in or baited hooks in the water.

On waters with permanent pegs, members may only fish from those pegs.

No matches are allowed unless sanctioned by Committee.

No coarse fish to be taken from any club water.

All coarse fish over 5lb must be returned immediately to the water and not retained in keep nets. Special rules apply for Club Matches.

Sweetcorn, luncheon meat and similar types of tins, drink cans and glass bottles are not allowed on club waters under any circumstances.

All litter must be taken home by the angler.

Electronic bite alarms to be kept to a minimum volume.


No carp to be kept in keep nets or carp sacks for any length of time.

All carp anglers must have an unhooking mat whilst fishing any club water.

No night fishing on any waters.


No wadding, swimming, dogs or litter under any circumstances.

Junior Members between the age of 12-16 years are only allowed to fish the road side bank accompanied by a senior member.

2 rods only are allowed on all waters, except on Teggs Nose with a 3 rod permit.

Teggs Nose times for fishing. members are only allowed to fish the following times. Jan 07.00 to 1700 Feb 06.30 to 1800 Mar 0600 to 1900 Apr 0530 to 2000 May 0500 to 2100 Jun 0400 to 2230 Jul 0400 to 2230 Aug 0430 to 2230 Sep 0500 to 2100 Oct 0630 to 1900 Nov 0700 to 1700 Dec 0700 to 1700.

Junior members may not purchase day tickets for guests.

Three rods permissible on Teggs Nose only but the angler can only occupy the space of one peg, fishing in front of that peg no more than half way across the water.

Day tickets are available for Teggs Nose only from Barlow’s of Bond Street, Macclesfield. and Tacklesaver, Handforth. At a cost of £6.00 for up to 2 rods, £9.00 for 3 rods.

No closed season is enforced on Teggs Nose as the reservoir is open all year round.

No parking on the roadside at Teggs Nose leading towards the farm or on the on the flash flood overflow on the same side.


Competitors to be not less than 12 yards apart in contest fishing.

All cup matches to be five hours duration.

Keep nets may be placed in the water before the contest starts.

No baited lines or ground bait to be cast into time water until the signal for the start is given.

All fish to weighed, except Trout, Salmon and Crustacea, and to be returned to the water after weighing whether dead or alive.

Coach fares to contests to be charged at an economical rate.

Competitors to have one draw only. After drawing their peg number must be entered beside competitors name in matchbook before leaving draw.

All members must be in possession of relevant rod licenses when fishing club waters or contests. The club is not responsible for members without.

All club trophies shell remains the property of the club and will be perpetual trophies.

Competitions shall be binding on the competitors and will not revoked or altered unless the venue is unavailable.

Any contest that has been in progress for forty minutes will not be abandoned under any circumstances. Should it be necessary to apply this rule the position of the competitors at that time will be deemed final.

The committee, whose decision shall be binding, shall settle any situation or dispute not covered by the foregoing rules.

Any member with a grievance should submit in writing to the secretary within 48 hours.

Plumbing depth before match is allowed.

To enter pool contestants must be 18 years of age.